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MLS must attract best players to grow

"I told them you have to be a bit more bold, a bit more in the game. Bring in the best players. The 'Messi effect' if we want to call it that way, you see Messi and Inter Miami filling…

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Using Algorithms To Determine Transfer Fees

“Part of the problem lies with the unsynchronised and dis-jointed means with which clubs value players. Many factors contribute towards unpredictable transfer prices with projected image rights, current form, performance data, and even agent’s fees muddying the waters. Despite FIFA…

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Match-Fixing On The Dark Web (White Paper)

"U.S. Integrity funded the most concerted attempt yet to investigate and penetrate match-fixing onion sites on the dark web. U.S. Integrity can draw the following conclusions:

a. The services noted in this investigation did not show reliable evidence of being…

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Football Agents Made $888M From Transfers In 2023

“The ever-increasing significance of player transfers has made football agents some of the most important professionals working in the game, and according to the latest FIFA data, football/player agents made a whopping $888.1 million from football transfers during 2023.”


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