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Wealthy clients will always value human advisers over AI


“Our output is a lot more than a computer output, it is empathy, advice and understanding. Throughout history, technology has augmented private bankers and will not replace us for the foreseeable future; we offer an enormous value proposition.” -…

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MLS must attract best players to grow

"I told them you have to be a bit more bold, a bit more in the game. Bring in the best players. The 'Messi effect' if we want to call it that way, you see Messi and Inter Miami filling…

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MLS NEXT adds eight new clubs for 2024-25 season

“Several factors were considered, including top-notch training plans, experienced coaching, effective player ID and recruitment, high-quality facilities, cutting-edge technological opportunities, and defined player pathways. Off the field, clubs were required to demonstrate a mission-aligned culture with core values, overall community…

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